Hey, I'm Stefan

I love to code build learn

Past Work

Truck Tracker app image
Capstone May 1st, 2020

Truck Tracker

Truck Tracker is a TMS(Transportation Management System). It’s main purpose is to track truckloads. As a user I can create a load, add a new carrier, add carrier to the load, track the load while in transit, and search for past loads and carriers in my database.

Group Project April 5th, 2020

Suncoast Overflow

Suncoast Overflow was a group project with Daniel Demerin and Marcus De La Garza. We recreated a full stack copy of Stack Overflow. As user I can search for questions, ask questions, answer questions, up/down vote questions and answers.

Project March 18, 2020


React Octocats was a project I worked on to fine tune my skill using react components. The goal was to recreate the Github Octodex. This was a a great experience for me since I was able to get first hand experience and appreciation for React JS.



Technologies I am currently working with. I'm always eager to learn and master the next challenge.